30.000 names


In 1898 Professor I. Daniel Rupp published A collection of upwards
Thirty-thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 – 1776
with Leary, Stuart & Co, Philadelphia.

These immigrants, often chased by religious intolerance, risked their lives on simple wooden ships under English and Scots captains. They mostly sailed from Rotterdam – Holland via the British port of Cowes to America.

Rupp gives an account of each journey, mentions the ship’s name and type, it’s captain, port of departure, date of arrival in Pennsylvania, the passengers’ origin and, finally, their names, not in alphabetical order however. Sometimes he adds details. 

The data concerns totally 319 journeys; the book does not provide with an index. In 2000 I voluntarily took the job of entering all 30.000 names in a Microsoft Access database. A print was for long of perfect use in the reading-room of the Rotterdam City Archive. Lately Ronald Grootveld, manager of the archives-section, encouraged me to publish the database on the Internet.

Because I encountered severe technical problems in uploading the complete database in one page I cut it in 152 parts of more or less equal length. These parts are linked by name-segments. You will find these pages after clicking a page containing six major segments.

As soon as you have found the name of your interest you are kindly invited to write down the page-number given next to the name of the passenger. In the ships’ database every ship is proceeded by a page-number. You will easily find the remaining necessary data. Your attention is requested for pages containing two ships. In this case the a) point at the first ship; the b) at the second.

ATTENTION !!: On the ships' page you will find a column called NOTES. If you encounter a note behind the ship of your choice, write down the number and visit the NOTE-page by clicking this link.

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