When March is getting near I long for spring. When it's there I can barely wait to pack my bags and leave for Paris. Much relieved I return a couple of weeks later but at the approach of the end of summer the urge for travel seizes me again. September 2003 I spent in the United States of America. Click on one of these links to fly with me.
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Schiphol - august 28, 2003

The last weeks of june 2004 I finally made it to the French Rivièra

Very, very sunny those days in DIGNE LES BAINS
in the HAUTE PROVENCE,  june 2005


Sunday, september 12, 2005 members and adherants of the Fillekers-, Hartlieb- and Ball-family mounted on bicycle
for a 40 kilometers tour from IJsselstein to Oudewater
and back. The sky was overcast but not even a drop of rain
spoiled our fun. See the pictures ..


Saturday, september 17, 2005 some 40 participants took part in a cycletour through the Westland. From Vlaardingen via Krabbeplas - Broekpolder - Foppenplas - Kwakelweg - Kralingerpad to De Lier where they had lunch. From
De Lier to 't Woudt and via Schipluiden and  Holierhoeksepolder back to Vlaardingen. There was quite a bit of rain but it could not spoil the fun. Organisers:
Vervoer Coördinatiecentrum Rijnmond and
Stadsgewest Haaglanden.

In 2008, april 26, Saskia and I took a plane from
Eindhoven to Marseille, five days later we took
a train to Arles where we slept twelve nights. In the
daytime we made excursions in the Provence. May 12 we took the TGV from Marseille to Paris, where we
stayed another week.

Twelve days in Arles