The first book of poetry, I  published in 1975, titled Bt ... Vrij ! will appear in a next edition of this site. When you click the link you'll get to an excerpt of Kruimels voor het Taaldier published in 1999. Pretty soon, december 12th, Solferino Grand Aesthetics will be available at a few Rotterdam bookshops.

Shakespeare - In vain I let Google try to find the complete lyrics of If music be the food of love, play on ; Give me excess
of it , .......
Because I've got William Shakespeare's complete works in my bookcase I thought it useful to put the text on the net. Let's see how long it takes Googlebot to find it ....... . If you want to hear it as a song, try to get the CD by Cleo Laine: Shakespeare and all that Jazz (
Philips EJD 1041)


Twelve paintings I selected from my stock. These paintings were all executed by me at tuesday evening workshops at the Chabotgroep in IJsselmonde. At the end of the page you probably find your way to the shop !


         First a few quarters of my pedigree. It's not easy to find your ancestors when they were
        born in countries with difficult accessability of archives. Perhaps my courage will grow      the coming months and thus these quarters.
        Second in line you'll find a piece of a transcription Henk Jansen did a couple of years       ago on Public Sales in Katendrecht, a community on the southbank of the river Meuse,            first annexed by its neighbour Charlois and later by the City of Rotterdam. 
        I still keep some digital transcriptions of IJsselmonde and Charlois on a harddisk, but it    needs quite some elaboration to appear in these pages. A little patience please ! 

The page Rotterdamse mannen in het leger van Napoleon offers  a little bit more than 1000 names of men principally born in Rotterdam and its close surroundings that more or less involuntarily  joined Napoleon's Russian campaign in 1812. Moeders van Rotterdamse soldaten adds the names of some 1000 names of these soldiers' mothers in alfabetical order. A third page Details over Rotterdamse soldaten offers some specific data concerning place of birth (Hillegersberg, Charlois, Kralingen etc.), achievements and obituary.
The list results from a survey in the archives of the Service Historique de l'Arme de Terre in  Chteau de Vincennes - Paris. Four years long in the month of may I spent one week in the archive and every year I am longing to go back to this wonderful city. 

Rotterdam CS
The old Rotterdam Central-Station will soon be demolished. In these pages I offer you a regular view on the
proceedings concerning the construction of the new train-station and the abolishon of the good old one.


Here an impression of the new Amsterdam  Museum of Contemporary Art:
SMCS  (Stedelijk Museum Centraal Station)


Mostly photographic impressions. Click and see ...


Here I offer you some links to institutes I every now and then pay visit to.

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You will find some detailed information about my paintings, prices and availability of books. Let thou not be hindered to make more inquiries if you feel to:



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