In 1971 I felt I was incapable to fulfill my task as a newspapereditor. I was 24 then. There had been revolts in the streets of Paris and Amsterdam. There were sex, drugs and rock and roll. There was a world to be explored and I was too restless to sit in an editorial room typing away the scoops I gathered in the Dutch polders I cruised in a white Volkswagen. In 1975 I published Bt ..... Vrij ! , my debut as a poet. You'll find it here from A to Z.

Bt ...... Vrij !

Kruimels I published in 1998. I made an excerpt for a reading in Paradiso Amsterdam on sunday, december 9, 2001 during the Fair of Small Editors.

Esthetiek van het seizoen is one out of seven compositions brought together in the book
Solferino Grand Aesthetics appaering december 12,  2002.

Boompje verwisselen originated on day of rest amidst ten days of exploring the surroundings of Le Vallon des Sources in Digne les Bains, Haute Provence, France. I call it a "made poem" to distinguish it from
my lyrics.